The 6-Figure Sales Page Formula

The 6-Figure Sales Page Formula

Do you want to learn how to write a Sales Page that gets...SALES?

Learn how to write a high-converting sales page for your online course, program or service

I know there's a lot of conflicting advice out there on how best to approach writing a sales page.

The one thing that's absolutely fundamental to everything else (and NEEDS to come first) is your messaging.

When you get crystal clear on who you're talking to...with a message that is EXACTLY something that person cannot fail.

Case Study: 400% Increase In Conversions

Get your hands on a sales page framework that teaches you ...

✅ How to write a high converting sales page 
You'll write about what you do with such clarity that you'll easily convert your audience into clients.

✅ Learn a ‘secret’ copywriting hack
that gets your clients to write 80% of your copy for you.

✅ Ditch blank page syndrome forever
Learn how to have everything you need at your fingertips to write compelling, authoritative, engaging, and conversion-focused content

Case Study: Launched 6-Figure Income Stream

YES! You CAN write a sales page that turns lurkers into buyers (even if you hate writing 'copy')Here's how The Sales Page Intensive works:

What happens when you join?

Get immediate access to the entire suite of training (so you can get started straight away!).

Follow each lesson in a particular order, as you write each piece of your sales page. 

Before you know it, you’ll have your sales page written – AND your message will be clear and compelling.

My process is SO easy to follow, that one client wrote her sales page in only 24 hours!

Here’s what we’re covering on the workhop:

🔥 My Sales Copy Formula

This proven framework teaches you how to write an offer that sells your coaching programs (no sleazy tactics in sight).

🔥 Learn the 'upside-down' approach to writing your sales page.

This isn’t talked about much in marketing circles, but is the easiest way to write about what you do so that more of your ideal clients sign up to work with you.

🔥 Why brainstorming the ‘pain points’ of your ideal client is a bad idea

This way you’ve been taught to think about your audience will burn out your creative energy (and probably miss the mark anyway).

I’ll show you another way that’s much easier (and gets your clients to write 80% of your copy for you).

🔥 Learn a little-known way to position yourself as the expert in your space

Wwhen I do this for my clients, they get huge clarity for themselves – as well as more of their audience turning from lurkers into buyers

🔥A sneaky little trick for using copywriting templates

 So that you don’t churn out boring words that sound like everyone else in your industry

🔥How to describe the transformations people make when working with you

This is extremely useful for you if you get results all the time, but struggle to articulate what they are.

Case Study: Conversions on a cold traffic campaign

I’ve been working on this sales page framework for over a year (it’s not easy to distill this into a training!)

I’ve had great feedback along the way, and I think it’s now at a point where I’m really happy with it.

I want to continue testing it with clients so I’m completely confident it’s as good as it can be.

And then…the price will definitely be going up.

So I think this is one of the last iterations of that testing phase 🙂

❓I can't make the dates of the live training

The content on its own is easy to follow, so you will be able to use it even if you can’t make the live training.

I’ll record all the calls and upload them to the portal, so you have access that way.

And you can submit questions and share where you’re stuck, and I can go through it on the calls even if you’re not there.

❓How long will it take me to write my sales page?

One of my clients went through my process, and had it written in 24 hours.

That’s pretty fast! – but I’ve made it so easy to follow that you should only need a couple of days to get through it all and implement.

The structure is that you write alongside the training, so it’s a do-as-you-go format.

❓I've already purchased sales page trainings. How is this different?

I’ve seen most of the other templates on the market, and what I’ve created is nothing like that. 

Anything that is ‘plug and play’ or ‘mad libs’ style ends up being confusing and counter-productive (in my opinion).

My approach is different. 

The outline of the sales page is very minimal, and the focus is on writing each ‘piece’ of your message at a time. 

I also don’t encourage you to spend hours bogged down in writing endless pain points. 

Unless you want to – you DON’T have to create a super long sales page.

I Know This Works...But I Want You To Feel Safe

I get that it can feel like a risk to sign-up to something new - so I want to put your mind as rest.

Within 7 days of purchasing the intensive, if you feel like you didn’t get value, I’ll refund your money.

Simple as that.

Ready to write a Sales Page That Sells?

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