The Confident Copy Club

Learn how to confidently write sales copy for your coaching or therapy business

And get more clients without spending ALL your time marketing

Here are some cool things you’ll get out of being in The CC Club:

  • You’ll learn how to write social media posts that attract and convert your ideal clients
  • I’ll show you how to write website copy that turns readers into clients
  • You’ll learn how to market your business in a way that isn’t exhausting…and instead plays to your strengths
  • Discover how to write so that you’re credible to your audience AND write authentically like you 
  • Get your messaging SO spot on that you attract the people that you want to help. (Sounds simple when I put it like that, doesn’t it?)
  • Get your hands on systems and processes that make writing for your business fun (or if it’s never going to be fun for you…let’s at least make it fast and painless).

Improve your writing skills with accountability and feedback:

  • Every week I run a Copy Clinic session. This is a live editing session where you submit something you’re working on, and I’ll roll up my sleeves and get to work alongside you inside your document.
  • Daily copy feedback. If you can’t make the live session (or would rather get some help more privately, you can post a link to your project inside the Facebook group, and I’ll create a 5-10 minute loom video giving you feedback. If you give me editing access to your document, I’ll go into it and make suggestions and edits that way as well
  • Weekly group coaching. Each week I run a live coaching session. You can bring your thorny questions along to the calls, and I’ll help you brainstorm a solution. For example, this week I helped one of our members come up with a way to make more money from her existing membership
  • Pick my brain sessions. I’m setting up a system where you can ask questions as and when they come up for you. I’ll go through and answer these questions, creating short training videos where appropriate to help you keep moving forward.
  • A growing database of training and classes. All the training and masterclasses that have been delivered through the group are always available for you to watch at any time. I’m creating a searchable database so that you can easily see what’s been covered and quickly find the answers to your questions. And if you can’t find the answer…simply ask the question through the ‘Pick My Brain’ sessions, and I’ll create something to help.
  • Weekly implementation sessions. Once a week I host a live Zoom call where you can show up with something specific you want to get done. We have a quick chat about what you’re doing, then it’s cameras off and time to get to work. These are always REALLY productive sessions for those who make the calls

    Ready to Join The CC Club?

    If you join The CC Club, you’ll be getting a potent mix of:

    • My innate ‘knack’ for writing (I’ve been at this since I won a writing prize when I was nine years old)
    • The investments I’ve made in learning the skills and science of conversion copywriting
    • ALL my experience in the online world, learning every nook and cranny of marketing, copy and sales…specifically for coaches in the online space

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